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As adults with little to no experience with public speaking, most of us can imagine how daunted we would be if we had to speak in public.

Children under the age of 12 naturally tend to have less of this dread. While they remain in this innocent and spontaneous phase of life, exposing them to situations in which they can begin to develop the skill sets necessary to fearlessly speak in public is invaluable.

Prep Zone Academy’s Public Speaking Program will act as an early introduction to effective public speaking. The course will take your little ones out of their comfort zones and introduce them to skills every confident speaker should have:

ody language
ngaging gestures

Our trainers will run articulation and improv exercises and have your little ones thinking on their feet. We’ll also cover the basics of speech writing. The course aims to be as fun as possible, to inculcate a love for – and confidence in – public speaking, early in life.

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Public Speaking 5-day Program - December 2019

Course Dates

5-day Public Speaking Program

3 hours/day
Dates – 9th to 13 December 2019, 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Location – Prep Zone Rochester, 35 Rochester Drive,Rochester Mall, #02-05,Singapore 138639

Course Overview

Suitable for Primary 4 – 6 students

This 5-day  program lasts for 3 hours each day. The program is structured such that your child will take away as much as a child can be expected to absorb in a day, while keeping it fun and not causing an information overload. For a child completely new to public speaking, this is the sweet spot to get his or her feet wet.

This program features:

Introduction to different types of Public Speaking
Importance of Body Language
Articulation exercises
Basics of speech writing – Form, structure & content
Think quickly on your feet
Working on their own speeches – Given topics to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should I start my child off so young? Will it really have an impact?

Not only would your child be coming away with some sense of what to do and how to conduct themselves when they encounter situations in which they have to be the center of attention, they would also be picking up important life skills like confidence, self-exploration and a familiarity with placing themselves outside the narrow boundaries of their comfort zone. The skills they will be exposed to in our course will also be directly relevant in their academic lives – we all know school and university is filled with one presentation after another, and the students who can deliver a speech convincingly and confidently get the best grades.

 Is this an academic course? 

Unlike Math Olympiad or other academic courses offered at Prep Zone, this is a subjective course centred around soft skills and overall enrichment. Your child will not be graded or measured against other children. Instead, constructive feedback and encouragement will be provided and hopefully, your child will come away having enjoyed himself and formed a love for learning and self-improvement.

What skills, specifically, are we talking about and how will these be developed? 

This 5-day public speaking program is focused on very specific skills that they can practice in-class in a short time, and then continue working on at home independently – confident body language, good articulation and pronunciation, thinking on one’s feet, and how to structure ideas well. We work on these skills through a variety of in-class exercises such as tongue twisters, dramatic play, word games such as taboo and of course, guiding your child to complete his own presentation or speech. The program will also introduce your child to the basics of debate and critical thinking, as well as research skills, all invaluable to both school and life. We try to make education and enrichment as fun as possible, so that your child goes away having enjoyed himself and thus begins a love for lifelong learning and improvement. Such a course is designed for a child who is dipping his toes for the first time into confident speaking. Students will also be exposed to good speakers and presenters and be guided on what they should pay attention to and emulate. 

 After the course is completed, how can I encourage my child to put his skills to use? 

Of course, the work doesn’t stop after this program; moving forward, there’s lots that you can encourage your child to do. Some skills, such as the ones we’ve chosen to focus on, can be introduced and worked on quickly. Others, such as developing good vocabulary, articulation and a critical mind take years of work. We highly encourage that you put in place a daily routine of 30 minutes of reading before bed – there is no shortcut to this if your child wants to improve his language skills, vocabulary and general knowledge. This should be time spent away from the phone or any other electronic device.

Besides that, we also encourage every child to start a vocabulary book – every time your child finds a word in a book that’s new to him, he should write that in an entry, along with the dictionary definition, and make a sentence with the word so you can see that he is using it correctly. 

You can also get your child to write weekly book summaries for you. He should be finishing a book a week or every two weeks. At the end of that period, a half page summary (great writing practice!) will help him utilise his vocabulary, and help you keep an eye on his reading progress.

Designed & Conducted by

Christel Gomes

Christel has been a debater for most of her life. Like your child, she started young, doing her first debate when she was in primary five. The experience made quite an impact on her as after a week of practice and preparation, she had to speak in front of the entire cohort. This formative experience piqued her interest and led her to join the debate team in secondary school where she competed in the national competition – Julia Gabriel’s Secondary School Debating Championships, where she often won the title of Best Speaker. 

In junior college, Christel was the liaison head of the debate and public speaking team and she both organised and participated in friendly debates against Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Victoria Junior College and Hwa Chong. She again participated in the national debating championships at junior college level and went through a rigorous program of training. Christel also dipped her feet into public speaking competitions and toastmasters. 

Post-graduation, Christel worked as debate coach for 8 years, taking completely new a beginner team from Nan Chiau High School all the way to the finals of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships. One of her students was crowned Singapore’s Best Speaker. She was also an adjudicator for a time. Christel is now working as one of our full time trainers at Prep Zone; she has an enduring love for eloquent public speaking and a passion for all the important skills it brings. 

Not to worry, your child will be in good hands!

Course Price


SGD 500.00

5-day program, 3 hours each
9th to 13th December, 2019
Introduction to different types of Public Speaking, Importance of Body Language, Articulation exercises, Basics of speech writing, Think quickly on your feet, Working on their own speeches, Presentations

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